Hand drawing a red line between the UK and the rest of the European Union. Concept of Brexit. The UK is thus on course to leave the EU on 29 March 2019Hand drawing a red line between the UK and the rest of the European Union. Concept of Brexit. The UK is thus on course to leave the EU on 29 March 2019

Tariffs, delays predicted: A no-deal Brexit would spell severe disruption for the UK’s farming and food industries, and hardship for small farmers in particular, says Michael Gove, the UK’s environment secretary. Tariffs of as much as 40 percent would be slapped on British exports, and products destined for the EU would be subject to a strict inspection regime, which would cause hold-ups and delays. READ MORE


Nestle set to enter vegan market: Hold the ground chuck: Nestle SA sees the future in a meat-free burger made from soy and wheat protein. Soon you may be able to wash it down with purple walnut milk or a spirulina latte. The Swiss company is gearing up for its biggest push yet into the booming vegan market: the Incredible Burger, to be introduced under the Garden Gourmet label next spring. READ MORE


Was it the water fountain? Another airline is working with public officials on an investigation into whether its food or beverages have made passengers sick. This time its Frontier Airlines and company officials have suggested a water fountain in the Cleveland airport could be responsible for reported illnesses. City officials say that’s not likely. READ MORE


Hackers claim to have confidential 9/11 docs: A group of hackers is claiming to be offering for sale a large number of confidential documents related to the Sept.11 terrorist attacks. The hacking group, which is known as The Dark Overlord, says they stole the documents from a law firm in the United States. READ MORE

Newspaper attack ‘highly targeted’: The recent cyberattack that disrupted the delivery of several major newspapers in the United States may have involved Ryuk, a piece of ransomware that has typically been used in targeted operations. The US government has been tracking Ryuk, and an advisory published in August described attacks as “highly targeted, well-resourced and planned.” READ MORE


Mothers mad about AFM: Furious mothers of children who have been left partially disabled and fully paralyzed by the polio-like illness of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) have blasted the CDC for failing to act, say ing they warned the organization that 2018 was going to be the worst year yet.  Last year, the number of cases reached its highest yet with 341 children taken ill across 39 states—186 of those cases have so far been confirmed with investigations underway on the rest. READ MORE


Effects of shutdown on USDA: As the federal government shutdown continues, so do its impacts on the meat industry’s regulators. Nearing its two-week mark, the shutdown now is complicating USDA’s trade-relief program and puts in limbo the agency’s plans to put a food safety boss in place, among other issues. READ MORE

Swine nuisance trial postponed: The partial government shutdown is prompting the postponement of a trial by a federal judge managing lawsuits accusing the world’s largest pork company of creating nuisances for rural North Carolina neighbors. U.S. District Judge Earl Britt ordered Thursday that a jury trial scheduled to start Tuesday must be postponed because jury pay couldn’t be guaranteed beyond next week. READ MORE