The BreadBot, which mechanizes the whole process of making bread. For use in grocery stores.

This machine eliminates supermarket mass production: The Wilkinson Baking Co. of Walla Walla, Wash., has created the BreadBot, a machine that makes bread from scratch, with a fresh loaf coming out every six minutes. Designed for grocery stores, the machine yields a maximum of 235 loaves a day and can be configured to make varieties including white, wheat, whole grain, and more. READ MORE


Flu season takes off: After a slow start, the flu season has taken off. In a mild year, influenza, a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory system, kills as many as 12,000 people in the U.S., and in a bad year, it could be as many as 56,000. As you try to avoid catching the bug, here are a few numbers to keep in mind. READ MORE

Two more children die from flu: Two more influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bringing to 13 the number of such deaths for the current flu season. The flu is considered widespread in 23 states. READ MORE


Cheesecake recalled: Hy-Vee, an employee-owned chain of more than 249 supermarkets located throughout the Midwest has recalled cheesecake for possible Salmonella contamination. Hy-Vee says the recalled cheesecake is made with Diamond Crystal Brands cheesecake mix. The company learned of the potential for contamination from a warning letter from its supplier, illustrating the cascading effects of contamination in a complex food chain. READ MORE


Dubai company barred from supplying troops: The company responsible for providing food and water for deployed U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has been formally suspended after its former chief executive was charged with fraud in relation to an $8 billion troop supply contract, a U.S. official confirmed Thursday. As Defense Logistics Agency spokesman said that the company, a Dubai-based conglomerate called Anham FZCO, is barred from applying for future opportunities with the U.S. government. READ MORE


Farm subsidies, explained: Why exactly has the image of modern agriculture come to consist largely of herbicide-drenched GMO crops stretching to the horizon and livestock wallowing shoulder to shoulder in their own manure? The answer, in part, lies in the agricultural subsidy system: Farmers grow what the government pays them to. And one can hardly fault the hardworking men and women who produce our food for wanting a safety net. Modern Farmer magazine explains it all for you.  READ MORE


Ricin redux: A patient admitted to carrying the poison ricin inside an Olympia, Wash., hospital, potentially putting dozens of people at risk, according to the local sheriff.  An 18-year-old Olympia man called medics because he wasn’t feeling well, and when medics responded to his home, they had no idea he was making ricin. Neighbors on the block were also in the dark. Deputies said the man admitted to hospital workers that he started feeling sick while making the highly toxic poison at his house and that he took some to the ER. READ MORE

Another mass shooting in entertainment venue: A shooting at a Southern California bowling alley left three men dead and four injured late Friday, police said. Police in Torrance, just south of Los Angeles, sent out a tweet early Saturday about “reports of shots fired” at the Gable House Bowl. The shooting reportedly sprung from an argument at the establishment. Three men were pronounced dead at the scene and two were taken to a hospital.  Two other men were struck by gunfire but “opted to seek their own medical attention.” READ MORE