The situation in and around Venezuela continues to deteriorate. Violent clashes occurred over the weekend as humanitarian aid was excluded from being brought in through Columbia. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Bogota, Colombia, to discuss potential military and diplomatic options.  In a Sunday interview, he indicated that military options have not be ruled out. Food and agriculture corporations are strongly cautioned at this time.  Physical assets and personnel in and around Venezuela are at increasing risk.  Military action aimed at bringing down the Maduro government is increasingly likely.  Although spillover of violence into other nations like Colombia is possible, the most likely scenario is a military coup, which may escalate into an outright civil war. The refugee crisis is currently that—a crisis. Short- to medium-term, the situation will grow more intense as violence escalates. Expect “squirters” in the next few weeks and months.  These are individuals who were previously part of the Maduro regime who will try and abscond with some of their loot because they realize they are on a sinking ship. Read more HERE and HERE.

Is Venezuela lurching toward war? The simple answer is yes. The Maduro government is increasingly being isolated by actions and events, many driven by forces beyond his control. The government will fall, and the two preeminent questions are: 1) When? 2) How ugly the fall? Read more HERE and HERE

Although, this website is not normally a resource for the Food Defense Working Group, there are elements presented here that accurately reflect the realities on the ground. It is therefore included in today’s post. The article alleges that weapons and ammunition are being moved into position for potential action. READ MORE   

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