Some packages of Chips Ahoy! Chewy chocolate chip cookies have been recalled nationwide due to possible contamination with an “unexpected solidified ingredient.” The company did not specify what the ingredient was, but said it received reports of “potential adverse health effects.” READ MORE

The Future

Taco Bell competitor introduces plant-based “meat” tacos: The American chain franchise Del Taco just announced that it will be the first fast-food taco joint to sell plant-based Beyond Meat as an alternative to beef, starting on April 25. READ MORE

Opinion: Companies racing to develop meat that doesn’t require killing animals: Lab-grown meat, cell-based meat, or clean meat — regardless, of what you call it, it’s coming. It’s still widely known as freaky science, but the argument is that almost all the food we eat, at some point, crosses a laboratory, whether in the course of researching flavors or perfecting packaging, so it’s not fair to single out lab-grown meat. READ MORE

Public Health

Rockland Co. officials announce next steps in fight against measles: A man on a trip from New York, who was unknowingly infected with the measles, traveled to Michigan and spread the virus to 38 other people, authorities said. Meanwhile, Rockland County officials announced their next steps Tuesday in combating the measles outbreak. Threatening letters and hefty fines are part of the new tactics. READ MORE

Measles accelerates to second-highest level in U.S. in 25 years: The number of measles cases in the United States made its biggest jump of the year, with 90 new cases reported in just one week, according to numbers released Monday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.With 555 total cases, 2019 now has the second-highest number of measles cases in the United States in 25 years — and the year isn’t even half over. READ MORE

Restaurant Security

Naked, knife-wielding suspect plows into Carl’s Jr. before being shot by McDonald’s guard: A naked 29-year-old man brandishing a knife was shot and killed by a security guard after a bizarre series of events Sunday afternoon in which he reportedly plowed his car into a Palmdale fast food restaurant, and then stabbed an elderly man at an adjoining eatery. READ MORE

Economy and Labor

U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to lowest level since 1969: The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits dropped to a 49-1/2-year low last week, pointing to sustained labor market strength that could temper expectations of a sharp slowdown in economic growth. READ MORE


ISIS fanatics warn of a future attach on fire-ravaged Notre Dame: Jihadists linked to ISIS have shared a menacing image of Notre Dame in flames once more, warning: ‘Wait for the next’.  The extremist media group published the graphic showing flames in front of the Paris cathedral’s bell towers, which survived Monday’s blaze. READ MORE

One Health

For its health and yours, keep your cat indoors: At least one running argument among cat lovers is now over: Whiskers, Lucy and Tigger are definitely better off staying indoors, scientists reported Wednesday. Pet cats allowed outdoors, in fact, are nearly three times as likely to become infected with pathogens or parasites than those confined to quarters, they reported in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. READ MORE