Agencies caution against ‘fresh’ pet food: The FDA and CDC have recommended not feeding dogs and cats a raw diet, meaning meat that is not cooked to a proper temperature. However, it’s a trend that’s growing. It’s referred to as fresh dog and cat food and it’s lining pet store isles. It means the dog and cat food is either raw or barely cooked meat and vegetables. READ MORE

Public Health

Measles quarantine orders soar at L.A. universities: Los Angeles County health officials told more than 1,000 college students and staff members who might have been exposed to measles to stay home this week, in one of the largest quarantine orders in state history. READ MORE

Nearly 170 million children under 10 unvaccinated worldwide: More than 21 million children a year are not vaccinated against one of the most infectious organisms in existence, says the UN body. Between 2010 and 2017, an estimated 169 million children missed the first of the recommended two-dose regime. READ MORE

Obesity poised to become leading preventable cause of cancer: You may know that smoking is currently the leading preventable cause of cancer. However, you might not know the second leading cause of cancer, because scientists have only recently made the connection. It’s obesity. Researchers have been investigating a link between obesity and cancer for more than 15 years, but that link was only established conclusively in the past few years. READ MORE

Restaurant and Bar Security

No dogs allowed: A Milwaukee man has been charged with intentionally hitting a bartender with his car after he was told not to bring his dog into a Greenfield tavern. READ MORE

Border Security

DHS to start DNA testing: The Department of Homeland Security will start a DNA testing pilot program next week to help identify and prosecute individuals posing as families in an effort to target human smuggling, two department officials confirmed to CNN. READ MORE

Criminal prosecution of illegal entries slows in California: Border Patrol says attention has turned to handling surge of families and children crossing illegally, taking agents away from other law enforcement priorities. READ MORE


ISIS leader appears in video after long hiatus: The fugitive Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has appeared in a propaganda video for the first time in five years, in which he acknowledges the terrorist group’s defeat in the Syrian town of Baghuz. READ MORE


Guaido: Final phase of plan to oust Maduro underway: Venezuela’s political crisis has lurched into a potentially historic and violent new phase as an attempted military uprising erupted at the heart of its capital, Caracas, and the opposition leader Juan Guaidó urged supporters to take to the streets to force his rival Nicolás Maduro from power. READ MORE

Agricultural Economics

Farmers stage protest outside Cabinet meeting in Cork: Farmers confronted Government ministers as they gathered for a Cabinet meeting in Cork to highlight the crisis in the Irish beef sector. The protesters claim beef producers have lost €100 million in revenue in the past six months. READ MORE