Football foes have more in common than you might think

Arkansas, Alabama among top three poultry producers By Jacque Kochak A few years ago, an urban legend circulated on the Internet, claiming that KFC’s chickens are really genetically manipulated organisms without feathers to be plucked or feet and beaks to be removed. Of course the story has been debunked, but the tale is a testament […]

Cold chain defense – Proactive defense strategies in the era of ISIS

The “food supply” is a system of systems, with a complex set of inputs (ingredients) combined over time through precise processes and standards (e.g. cooking temperature, refrigeration/frozen storage temperature, etc.) to form a complex set of outputs. Because this “system of systems” is so complex, there are many places where adulteration (intentional or otherwise) of […]

Food Defense Planning—For What Purpose?

When I was young, I was always in a hurry. If I had a goal, I charged ahead, sometimes winning, but often failing because I didn’t have a fully developed plan, and I hadn’t thought about the next move. As an older, and hopefully wiser person, I have learned goals are best assured when appropriate […]

A New Chapter in Terrorism May Be Emerging

Information is still developing about several possibly terrorism-related events that unfolded over the last couple of days, but it isn’t too early to ask: What are the take home lessons from this weekend’s events, and what are the implications for the food production and processing industries? Islamic State hasn’t taken credit for all the attempted […]

2017 Food Entrepreneur Conference: A Historic Success

The recent fifth installment of the Food Entrepreneur Conference was historic, as more than 74 aspiring and current food entrepreneurs attended the event to learn more about opening or growing their own food business. That’s the largest crowd to attend the conference, which is held in Auburn every spring and coordinated by AUFSI and the […]

Obesity Working Group Presents at State Task Force Meeting

The AUFSI Obesity Working Group was invited to present at the quarterly meeting of the Alabama Obesity Task Force on Feb. 9 in Montgomery. Along with providing background on the working group – how and why the members coalesced – the presentation also gave details about past OWG projects and current focus areas. These areas […]

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