Current Working Groups

Current Working Groups

FDA Online Training Grant – VFSTC

Dr. Pat Curtis

In partners with:
-Michigan State University
-North Carolina University
-Penn State University
-Purdue University
-University of Memphis

Flavobacterium Conference

Dr. Cova Arias

Identifying gaps between knowledge and practice in production and distribution of local and regional foods for a more secure food supply chain.

Principal Investigators (PIs):
Dr. Christy Bratcher – Animal Science
Dr. William Deutsch – Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture
Dr. Donald Mulvaney – Animal Science
Dr. Manpreet Singh – Purdue University
Dr. Luxin Wang – Animal Science
Dr. Jean Weese – Poultry Science
Dr. Michelle Worosz – Ag Economics and Rural Sociology
Dr. Joe Hanna – Supply Chain Management
Dr. Nii Tackie – Tuskegee University
Dr. Jannette Bartlett – Tuskegee University
Dr. Regina Halpin – Assessment Specialist